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  • Advancing the Culture of Patient Safety and Quality ImprovementCME

    Thomas E. MacGillivray
        • Right Heart Sarcomas

          Ara Vaporciyan, Michael J. Reardon
            • Update on Management of Type 2 Diabetes for Cardiologists

              Mohammed Qureshi, Emily Gammoh, Jawairia Shakil, Richard Robbins
              • Magnetically Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to Injured Blood Vessels for Prevention of In-Stent Restenosis

                Michael Chorny, Ilia Fishbein, Richard F. Adamo, Scott P. Forbes, Zoë Folchman-Wagner, Ivan S. Alferiev
                        • Emerging Transcatheter Options for Tricuspid Regurgitation

                          Ankur Kalra, Angad S. Uberoi, Azeem Latib, Sahil Khera, Stephen H. Little, Deepak L. Bhatt, Michael J. Reardon, Neal S. Kleiman, Colin M. Barker
                              • Epicardial Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia

                                Roderick Tung, Kalyanam Shivkumar
                                • A Year of Critical Care: The Changing Face of the ICU During COVID-19

                                  Atiya Dhala, Deepa Gotur, Steven Huan-Ling Hsu, Aditya Uppalapati, Marco Hernandez, Jefferson Alegria, Faisal Masud
                                    • Quality and Patient Safety in an Atypical Year

                                      Robert A. Phillips, Khurram Nasir
                                      • Noninvasive Imaging for Patients with COVID-19 and Acute Chest Pain

                                        Awad Javaid, Yehia Saleh, Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, Jean Michel Saad, Maan Malahfji, Mouaz H Al-Mallah
                                            • Surgical Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

                                              Basel Ramlawi, Walid K. Abu Saleh