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  • Remote Monitoring of Heart Failure Patients

    Arvind Bhimaraj
    • Right Heart Sarcomas

      Ara Vaporciyan, Michael J. Reardon
          • Ustekinumab-Induced Fatal Acute Heart Failure in a Young Female: A Case Report

            Mahmoud Abdelnabi, Saif ElNawaa, Juthipong Benjanuwattra, Mohamed Elmassry, Nandini Nair
              • Exercise and Heart Failure: Advancing Knowledge and Improving Care

                Paulino Alvarez, Bashar Hannawi, Ashrith Guha
                • Combined Heart-Kidney Transplantation: Indications, Outcomes, and Controversies

                  Syed Adeel Ahsan, Ashrith Guha, Juan Gonzalez, Arvind Bhimaraj
                    • Can Adult Cardiologists Play a Role in the Prevention of Heart Disease Beginning in Childhood?

                      Gerald S. Berenson, Sathanur R. Srinivasan, Camilo Fernandez, Wei Chen, Jihua Xu
                        • Use of Stem Cells in Heart Failure Treatment: Where We Stand and Where We Are Going

                          Luis A. Sánchez, Carlos Enrique Guerrero-Beltrán, Andrea M. Cordero-Reyes, Gerardo García-Rivas, Guillermo Torre-Amione
                                • Complete Heart Block in Systemic Sclerosis with Characterization on Cardiac MRI

                                  Paul Guzik, Audrey Han, Samantha C. Shapiro, Kamran Shaikh
                                  • Metastasizing Leiomyoma to Heart

                                    Erin N. Consamus, Michael J. Reardon, Alberto G. Ayala, Mary R. Schwartz, Jae Y. Ro
                                      • The Pregnant Patient with Congenital Heart Disease

                                        Ijeoma E. Ananaba, Joanie Y. Hare, Wayne J. Franklin
                                            • Hypothyroidism and the Heart

                                              Maja Udovcic, Raul Herrera Pena, Bhargavi Patham, Laila Tabatabai, Abhishek Kansara
                                              • Hypothyroidism and the Heart

                                                Patricia Mejia Osuna, Maja Udovcic, Morali D. Sharma
                                                • Initial Clinical Experience of Total Cardiac Replacement with Dual Heartmate-II® Axial Flow Pumps for Severe Biventricular Heart Failure

                                                  Matthias Loebe, Brian Bruckner, Michael J. Reardon, Erika van Doorn, Jerry Estep, Igor Gregoric, Faisel Masud, William Cohn, Tadashi Motomura, Guillermo Torre-Amione, O.H. Frazier