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  • Sepsis in a Panorama: What the Cardiovascular Physician Should Know

    Deepa B. Gotur
        • Nucleic Acid Delivery for Endothelial Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Diseases

          Dipti Deshpande, David R. Janero, Victor Segura-Ibarra, Elvin Blanco, Mansoor M. Amiji
            • Gene Delivery in Lipid Research and Therapies

              Marco De Giorgi, William R. Lagor
                • Magnetically Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to Injured Blood Vessels for Prevention of In-Stent Restenosis

                  Michael Chorny, Ilia Fishbein, Richard F. Adamo, Scott P. Forbes, Zoë Folchman-Wagner, Ivan S. Alferiev
                    • Genetics of Long QT Syndrome

                      David J. Tester, Michael J. Ackerman
                          • The Cardiovascular Effects of Hyperthyroidism

                            Lara A. Nabbout, Richard J. Robbins
                              • ATTR Epidemiology, Genetics, and Prognostic Factors

                                Chukwuemeka A. Obi, William C. Mostertz, Jan M. Griffin, Daniel P. Judge
                                • Cardiac Amyloidosis Treatment

                                  Lily K. Stern, Jignesh Patel