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Arrhythmias in COVID-19



The coronavirus pandemic remains a major public health burden with multisystem disease manifestations. There has been an ongoing global effort to better understand the unique cardiovascular manifestations of this disease and its associated arrhythmias. In this review, we summarize the current data on incidence and outcomes of arrhythmias in the acute and convalescent period, possible pathophysiologic mechanisms, and medical management. Sinus bradycardia—reported in multiple observational studies in the acute infectious period—stands out as an unexpected inflammatory response. Atrial fibrillation has been noted as the most common pathologic arrhythmia and has been shown to be a poor prognostic marker in multiple cohorts. In the convalescent period, long-term complications such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and inappropriate sinus tachycardia have been described.


arrhythmiaCOVID-19coronavirusatrial fibrillation
  • Year: 2021
  • Volume: 17 Issue: 5
  • Page/Article: 73-82
  • DOI: 10.14797/mdcvj.1039
  • Submitted on 17 Sep 2021
  • Accepted on 17 Sep 2021
  • Published on 15 Dec 2021
  • Peer Reviewed