Miguel A. Quiones, MD, MACC, FASE

I'm pleased to announce a new chapter in the evolution of the Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal. For the last 16 years, we have mailed the journal to thousands of cardiovascular professionals listed on society mailing lists, meaning that many of you have received the journal quarterly whether or not you subscribed. However, many of our readers have indicated that they prefer to read the journal online. Based on this feedback and industry trends, starting with the next issue, we are transitioning to a hybrid online model with a limited print run sent only to readers who request the print version. Thus, if you wish to continue receiving the journal in the mail every three months, please let us know by subscribing at journal.houstonmethodist.org. Note that if you specifically subscribed to the journal in the past either on our website, by filling out a sign-up card at a Houston Methodist event, or by emailyou do not need to take any action and will continue to receive the journal unless you tell us otherwise.

For those of you who prefer to read articles online, I invite you to sign up for our email newsletter so that we can keep you up to date with new content, including online-only articles and CME opportunities.

We hope that you've been enjoying the journal and find it a valuable source of up-to-date cardiovascular information. Looking forward, we will continue to provide the high-quality reviews, case studies, imaging, and humanities content that our readers have come to expect. However, this new hybrid approach offers exciting opportunities to expand our content, with additional online reviews, cases, editorials, and more that explore each issue's theme in greater depth over the course of each quarter.

When you subscribe to the print edition or newsletter, you can also register on the journal's website, allowing you to comment on articles and converse with the authors and other readers. I also invite you to follow us on Twitter at debakeyCVedu to continue the conversation about topics discussed in the journal and access DeBakey CV Education content. And, as always, we welcome your emails at mdcvjhoustonmethodist.org.


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